Philadelphia USA!

Once the original capital of America , Philadelphia has a history enriched with culture, history and symbolism. The city is a melting pot of races, traditions and immigrant cultures and also possesses amenities that only the city's own heritage can provide. It is the home to the Liberty Bell and the Declaration of Independence, both tributes to the city's revolution.

Widely known as Philly, but formerly known as the City of Philadelphia , it is the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania . It is also called the City of Brotherly Love '. It holds the following statistics, it is the sixth most populous city in the US , the fifth largest city area by population in the US , the US 's fourth largest consumer media market and ranks 49 th as the most populous city in the world. There are nearly 1.5 million people in the city alone.

Once upon a time the city was the second largest in the British Empire after London . A marketable, educational and culture enriched center, it was the communal and geographical center of the original 13 American colonies. Philadelphia contributed hugely to American history when Benjamin Franklin, in the 18 th century, begun the American Revolution and American Independence.

Nowadays the vibrant city is modernized yet still pieces of history are evident. If you would like to visit either for business or holidays, there is a huge variety of holiday accommodation to choose from and compare with from leading five star hotels to budget motels. Spoil yourself in the exciting range of restaurants and visit attractions to get a real classic feel of the place. Pennsylvania is a great place to start a business, it's one of the most business friendly states in the US. It offers easy access to capital, low tax rate, and numerous colleges and universities so access to top quality brain power is easy.

Philadelphia is sure to satisfy a variety of vacation desires.While there are no cruises here , If you could blend the most unique attractions and activities with some of the most common, you would have a place that was new to visit with a familiar feel. That is what Philadelphia has to offer. While you are here, enjoy shopping, golf, spectator sports, fine dining, museums, great activities and so much more. Philadelphia's crime rate is reported to be an index of 9 on 2011. Residents have taken precaution by employing sophisticated home security systems to ensure safety. There are unique places for you to visit including: Eastern State Penitentiary, The Benjamin Franklin Bridge, and the United States Mint. While you are here be sure to check these things out, you will be glad you did. Along with the unique, there will be some activities and attractions that you will be familiar with such as the zoo and aquarium. Philadelphia has fun for the whole family.

Business Assistance

It is the growth of business that fuels the decisions and ideas of the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). Explore what we offer in business financing programs and technology assistance, bringing the advances in technology in touch with the many facets of business and community development. Additional support is devoted to strengthen business ideas and progress through economic development marketing programs, such as trade shows and industry programs. For the entrepreneur, visit the Center for Entrepreneurial Assistance.

You and your company are Pennsylvania's most important customers. That's why Pennsylvania developed the new online Single Application for Assistance designed to offer convenience and save you time. This one-step form allows you to apply simultaneously for one or more of Pennsylvania's economic and community development financial assistance programs.

When you submit your Single Application to the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), it goes directly to the Customer Service Center, where staff will answer any questions, provide general information on programs, and direct you to appropriate DCED contacts. From there, the Governor's Action Team (GAT), a group of seasoned economic development professionals, works with DCED staff to help coordinate resources, provide technical assistance and achieve your company's goals.

The results of programs administered by DCED are available to those who may be most interested, the taxpayers. The DCED Investment Tracker is a new online tool that displays how taxpayer dollars are being invested into big business and into the community. The Investment Tracker provides information about approved grants and loans and details of how and where these programs benefit Pennsylvania.

The development of business networks encourage the growth of buyer/seller relationships in Pennsylvania. Through programs such as the Business Calling Program, Pennsylvania dedicates personal, in-depth time to understand individual business needs and identifies the potential for growth. Merchant banking accounts can be facilitated through intermediaries such as EMerchantBroker and with program like these, it shows that when you choose to do business in Pennsylvania, the state is already at work for you.

SMALL BUSINESS RESOURCE CENTER: As part of the Center for Entrepreneurial Assistance, the Small Business Resource Center serves as the single point of contact and is a hub of information for small business. The Small Business Resource Center answers state-related and general business questions about all stages of small business development.

Philadelphia's Great Restaurants

While visiting Philadelphia you'll never go hungry for quality food or shopping. Philadelphia offers lots of great restaurants that will please anyone's appetite. You can eat everything from seafood to sushi and do it with a fantastic view. Restaurants serving Italian, French, American, and Seafood can all be found close by. If shopping is what you are looking for you are in luck. Philadelphia has everything from your department store chain to local gift shops. Shopping here is great for everyday items as well as the special gift items you are looking for.

There is also plenty of entertaintment in Pennsylvania as well, including numerous ski resorts such the world famous jack frost big boulder mountain ski resort and whitetail resort. In addition, there are many hiking trails, cave exploration adventures and fishing destinations, in Pennsylvania if you are a nature lover you won't be bored!