Things to do in Philadelphia!

Philadelphia is one of the most beautiful places in the United States of America. With four centuries of history, its unique story is narrated in the architecture, neighborhoods, streets and museums. Beautiful green landscape fringes the vibrant concoction of the business district and shopping and dining precincts. But it is not just the physical beauty that allures tourists – it is the cultural, culinary and artistic jewels that draw in the crowds. With an abundance of attractions and things to do, you will find that Philadelphia will entertain you in same way or another. Whether it be watching performing arts, going on a candlelit tour, dancing the night away, unwinding in a spa, visiting the zoo, cruising in Chinatown, eating an unforgettable meal at one of the many renowned restaurants or having fun kayaking or bike riding outdoors, there is always something for everybody!!


Philadelphia is an excellent culinary destination and is known for its famous cheese and cheese steaks. With an abundance of restaurants, both local and exotic, you are sure to find the perfect café, restaurant or bar that will blow your mind away.


Philadelphia ’s countryside offers horse trails, kayaking, swimming, wine trails, excellent hiking ground, Appalachian trials and stunning bike tracks. Enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and blue skies while exploring the endless possibilities.


Feel like taking out some time to rejuvenate and unwind? Why not head to Philadelphia to refresh your mind, body and spirit? With dozens of day spas that offer beauty services, aromatherapy, reflexology, relaxation therapy, mediation and body treatments, it is the perfect getaway for singles, a group of friends and couples.


There is not just the Liberty Bell to marvel at – Philadelphia is home to a collection of artistic avenues including museums such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, historical landmarks, musical venues, exhibition showcases, architectural attractions and much more.

The best way to explore the city is take a sight seeing tour, of which there are many. You can familiarize yourself by gliding around on Segways or jumping on a double decker bus. You can even download the AudioSteps audio tour into an mp3 player and start walking around the historic city yourself. Don’t forget to get a Philadelphia CityPass which offers 50% savings on entrance fees to the city’s top attractions.

Attractions & Activities
Bartrams Garden - Just minutes from the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and the Betsy Ross House is America's oldest living botanical garden, a pastoral 18th-century homestead surrounded by the urban bustle of Philadelphia. Highlights include the oldest Gingko Tree in America and the Franklina Tree, saved from extinction by John Bartram and named after his friend, Benjamin Franklin. (215) 729-5281

Boathouse Row illuminated at night - Every night the dozen or so houses lining the Schuylkill River just beyond the Philadelphia Museum of Art are outlined by hundreds of tiny white lights. There's a magical feel to the way they shimmer and reflect in the river. Views are best from the West River Drive.

Eastern State Penitentiary - This 19th-century landmark was once the most famous and expensive prison in the world, but stands today in ruin, a haunting world of crumbling cellblocks. Former inmates include bank robber Willie Sutton and Al Capone. Tour vaulted cellblocks, central rotunda and death row. (215) 236-3300

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge - From dawn to dusk you can jog, walk, or bicycle the 1.8-mi span. The metal walkway 150 ft over the Delaware River gives you a terrific view of the waterfront.
Independence National Historical Park - Even if you're not a history buff, we predict a few quivers. Start at the Visitor Center and follow the red-brick road past a dozen stirring sites, including Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell

Elfreth's Alley - This historic street features some of the oldest residential buildings in the country. House Number 126 is a museum exhibiting artifacts dating back to 1728. (215) 574-0560
Historical Society of Pennsylvania - Finding Philadelphia's Past is an ongoing exhibit of over 500 artifacts tracing the city's history through 1900. Includes William Penn's wampum belt, George Washington's desk and videos in the "trolley car theater." (215) 732-6201

Longwood Gardens - created by industrialist Pierre S. du Pont (and is sometimes referred to as the DuPont Gardens) and offers 1,050 acres (425 hectares) of gardens, woodlands, and meadows; 20 outdoor gardens; 20 indoor gardens within 4 acres (1.6 hectares) of heated greenhouses; 11,000 different types of plants; spectacular fountains

New Jersey State Aquarium at Camden - Stroke a shark, watch seals frolic and see schools of shimmering fish swim by in more than 45 permanent exhibits that range from mountain streams to the open ocean. The aquarium features nearly 2,800 aquatic animals of 175 species in exhibits that include a 760,000-gallon Open Ocean tank, the largest of its kind north of Florida. (609) 365-3300

Philadelphia Zoo - Open daily year-round, the zoo is home to more than 1700 animals, including the rare white lions, America's only giant river otters, frolicking polar bears, exotic rain forest animals, reptiles and magnificent birds from around the world. The only place in town where nature is always in full swing. (215) 243-1100

United States Mint - Visitors to this free attraction can view actual coin production in the world's largest mint. On November 18, they started producing the first Sacajawea dollar coins. (215) 408-0114